Welcome to Healthy Choices while at Work!

Considering that employees spend an average of 9 hours at work per day, worksites are an excellent venue for promoting healthy lifestyle habits. Organizations with worksite wellness programs improve employee health, productivity and quality of life, while reducing the cost of health care, benefits, insurance and worker’s compensation. Contrary to popular belief, starting a worksite wellness initiative doesn’t need to be expensive. There are relatively inexpensive (and even some no-cost) ways to give your employees the information, motivation and work environments that support healthy eating and physical activity.


Having a gym at work is very convenient. I can take my lunch time to work out for 30 minutes and I don’t have to take time in the evenings away from my kids.

- Allison, KCHD Employee

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department gives all employees free access to a fitness room in the building. “We realize the importance of offering fitness opportunities to our employees. We have to set an example for the rest of the community workplaces if we expect them to do the same. Recently we have installed a bike rack on our premises to supporting and encourage bicyclers in the community.

- Dr. Gupta, Health Officer at KCHD

An effective worksite wellness program is much like laughter in that it is contagious, not only among its direct participants but also among those initially choosing only to observe. Often a seed of positive change is planted.

- Diana Martin MD, MPH, Chair Wellness Committee, Highland Hospital